3-26-2023 Snow/Trail Update

Trails are still in great shape, unbelievable for this time of the season! Riders are still out having fun on and off trail. The trails will be groomed through the 30th of this month. The trails through the private ground officially close after the 31st of the month. The trails will not be groomed or maintained after the 31st of March.

We will be selling our fleet of snowmobiles this year. We will be getting new ones in the fall. The snowmobiles are up for sale from April 1st through the 7th. The sleds will be out and lined up by 8 am on April 1st for you to pick through. First come, first serve. We will only be taking cash or certified checks, no credit cards or personal checks. You may call for more information if interested. 605-584-3464. If you go to our rental page, you will see what the snowmobiles look like. They are 2021 Polaris Indy 550’s.