12-15-2023 Snowmobile Trails Open Today

Well it is a sad day for snow here in the Northern Black Hills. The ground is white, but that is about it. We probably have about 3-4 inches on the ground. The groomers will not be out until we get a good foot of snow. It doesn’t look good for any precipitation for the next 14 days either, but that can change. A week out is hard to predict. The temps are staying down pretty good up by us. We have been in the range of the 20’s and 30’s and some 40 degree days, but the snow that we do have isn’t disappearing real fast.

No, you can’t take any side by sides up here starting today. The UTV trails are closed even though they are passable.

If anyone has made snowmobile reservations and we don’t have enough snow, we will try to reschedule you and if that doesn’t work for you, you will be refunded.

Pray for lots of snow for the Northern Black Hills…….to happen soon, specifically 2-3 feet or more would be great!!