Trailshead Lodge About Us


Trailshead Lodge was established in the year 1980. It is known to be the “Central Hub” of the Black Hills Trail System. The snowmobile trails were designed around Trailshead. If the diamonds (markers) are on your right hand side – you are going away from Trailshead. If the diamonds (markers) are on your left hand side, you are returning to Trailshead.

About Us

Julie and Todd Ebright purchased Trailshead Lodge in November 2015. They were born and raised in small towns in Central South Dakota. Julie has been a Radiologic Technologist for the last 30 years and Todd owned a Communication Business for 28 years. They decided to start a new adventure in the prettiest area of South Dakota.

Directions to the Lodge

Trailshead Lodge is located in the beautiful Northern Black Hills on Hwy 85. It is 1 mile from O’Neill Pass – 6683 feet high and 3 miles from the WY border.
21 miles south of Lead
35 miles from Spearfish
30 miles from Newcastle, WY

Our Address: 22075 Hwy 85 Lead, South Dakota 57754