1-23-2024 Snow/Trail Update

The groomers were out all last week and Sunday night. They stopped while the temps are up. The traffic has been low, so the trails are still holding up with these warmer temps. According to my weather app, it says that it is supposed to stay below 40 the rest of the week. High of 32 on Friday. I have been getting reports that the trails are still good and holding up. The trails way south of us are still not good. You can still go through Black Fox on 2k, then come up trial 2 to us or cut across on trail 8 and come up trail 1 or go on 11 through Mallo Camp. Everything north of us is good and I believe NE. They are stilll riding up from Deadwood and Lead. I don’t know when the groomers are going back out and I don’t see any snow in the forecast until Feb 2, but that can always change. We weren’t supposed to get the foot of snow on Christmas night as well.